Open Source Time Tracking und Time Management App “KnowSelf” now online


The time-tracking App “KnowSelf”, which supports personal time management, has been released as open source today! You can download both source code and executable program here.

Time management: KnowSelf logs the activities on your PC – at the end of the day you can analyse: How did you work, for instance how focussed have you been? What did you work on?

As part of our research activities in the context of the MIRROR project, we continuously improve KnowSelf, and investigate how KnowSelf can be improved to support time management even better.

Contextualised finding: KnowSelf remembers which documents and websites you used while working on tasks. If you use KnowSelf to track your tasks, you can easily retrieve resources you used whilst working on a task.

Privacy: KnowSelf does not send your data to anyone! The App is executed locally on your Windows PC!

Open Source: KnowSelf is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 and is hosted on There, you will always find the newest version as well as support material.

Contact: We hope that you will use KnowSelf or parts of the KnowSelf code, as long as your usage is according to the license conditions. Do you use the KnowSelf App, and have feedback or ideas for new features? Do you use parts of the KnowSelf code in other software projects? We would be thrilled to hear from you – write to us at

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