CEO of MIMOS (Malaysia) visits Know-Center


Dato Abdul Wahab Abdullah, CEO of our associated scientific partner MIMOS (Malaysia) visited Know-Center. During his stay MIMOS and Know-Center signed the contract for a joint 2-years research project on Ontology Mediation.

This week the contract for 2-years project between Know-Center and MIMOS has been signed by Dato Abdul Wahab Abdullah and Klaus Tochtermann. The signing ceremony took place in the meeting room of the rectorate of Graz University of Technology, in presence of Rector Hans Sünkel. The project will investigate new approaches for Ontology Mediation. It synergetically brings together the competences of the Semantic Technologies Cluster of MIMOS with the expertise of Know-Center’s Knowledge Relationship Discovery Division. In particular, this project will enable an intensive exchange of researchers between the two organisations. To kick-off the project a researcher of Know-Center will spend about three months in Kuala Lumpur with MIMOS. After his stay, young researchers from MIMOS will come to visit Know-Center. In a next step it is intended to extend this partnership to the Faculty of Compter Science at TU Graz allowing Malaysian students to conduct their PhD at TU Graz.

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